For grip & laser focus

See at a glance where & how you can grow your business, 24/7

Together with my team, I will give you 1Dashboard for real-time insight into what needs to be done to maximize your profits. Without the hassle of Excel spreadsheets.

All on 1Dashboard

We collect your most important financial, marketing & sales data automatically and keep it continuously up-to-date. So you are always aware of the health of your business & keep an overview.

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o.a. Moneybird, Exact, Jortt, WooCommerce, Plug & Pay, Mollie, Stripe.

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o.a. ActiveCampaign, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads & all social platforms.

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o.a. Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, Calendly, Typeform

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Google sheets, Asana, Trello, zapier,

Never fuss with your numbers again

You never have to keep track of anything manually or string excel sheets together again. The most important data to stay on track is available in 1-click on your phone, watch or desktop.


In a short period of time and in a few clear steps we determined those Kpi's that are really important for my company during a LevelUP session. Brainstorming, make use of Rogier's years of experience, focus and create an overview. 

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Get rid of

It turns out that 98% of the self-employed do not have their figures in order. That therefore 30% of all self-employed quit after one year and 50% after two years is not surprising. (Dutch numbers)

You as a member of a winning minority don't want to steer solely by your intuition & emotion. So you update an extensive Excel sheet every week. And I'm going to tell you now that this boring & time-consuming chore will no longer be necessary in 2021.

So you can get back to focusing on growing your business & increasing your impact. 

"Ok, you already had me at never fussing with Excel again, can we make a call or zoom in?" Yes, of course I'll get the coffee ready.

Doe de Gratis 1Dashboard ROI Scan

Ontdek hoe jouw Dashboard er uit zou kunnen zien en hoeveel winst, grip, rust & laserfocus het je onderneming kan opleveren.

During the LevelUP session, Rogier managed to clarify with us the goals, key figures and also our "dream dashboard" in a short period of time. He is able to empathize with a company and change gears very quickly, which works great. Collaborating with "Mr. Dashboard" is definitely recommended.

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